About Nika massage

Welcome to my side, this is the best pleace to get a professional massage service.
Kindly ask my quests to give themselves completely to the treatment therefore not eat to much before the massage, please inform the therapist about any medical conditions (injury, operation, allergy). During the treatment all part of body will be coverd with towel, except the working part.

Nika massage service only accept cash. You can pay by hungarian forint (Huf).


You can use the form to send your appointment booking request. I will contact you to finalize the reservation. If you deside to cancell the treatment 24 hours before is free, if the cancellation exceeds the 24-hour limit the treatment session will be lost, half of the price of the treatment must be paid.

    Massage treatments are not available:

    • In case of fever,
    • In case of an infectious disease,
    • In case of acute inflammation,
    • In case of cancer,
    • Fresh trauma, postoperative,
    • In case of epithelium deficiency,
    • If you have bleeding or taking an anticoagulant,
    • In the active phase of arthritis,
    • For advanced osteoporosis,
    • Not set for high blood pressure,
    • In case of joint instability,
    • In some heart and circulatory problems,
    • In the event of a defect, treatment is omitted by omitting the affected body part.
    • Weakened, Alcoholic, Incompatible,
    • During pregnancy, certain periods of time and certain parts of the body cannot be massaged,
    • Menstruation – Massage strengthens bleeding, while the antispasmodic and analgesic effect makes it easier to endure menstruation, so the massage requires individual consideration and decision.
    • In case of epilepsy

    Please note that the service does not cover any sexual or erotic territories, if this situation arrises, the treatment is over, the full price of the service has to be paid, and  future appointments will be canceled.

    About Me - My Dreams and Aspirations

    I’m a dedicated practitioner of holistic medicine and have been involved in this practice since 2008. I love empowering patients to understand their souls, bodies and discover the gentle power of the healing arts. As a Massage and yoga Therapist, I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between western medicine and the “alternatives ” while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal. I’m currently working in a studio where I have a great selection of massages, alternative therapies, private yoga classes, and I look forward to every kind of my future guest.

    Please book a treatment 2-3 days in advance!



    Refreshing swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Aromatherapy  massage, Face and head massage, Refreshing foot massage, Ayurvedic massage | abhyanga, Maternity massage


    Hydrating moisturaizing facial care package, Natural face lifting rejuvenating skin care package, Honey massage, Chocolate massage, Body shaping and cellulit treatment, Body shaping and cellulit treatment with winding.


    Private yoga for one person, Private yoga for 2 person, Guided meditation, Reiki therapy, Prana energie healing therapy.


    On a mobile phone, please rotate the screen.
    MASSAGE PRICELIST25 min55 min85 min110 min
    Refreshing Swedish Massage8.500 Huf12.000 Huf15.000 Huf18.000 Huf
    Deep Tissue Massage9.000Huf12.400 Huf15.400 Huf18.400 Huf
    Aromatherapy Massage-12.400 Huf15.400 Huf18.400 Huf
    Face and Head Massage8.500 Huf12.000 Huf--
    Refreshing Foot Massage9.000 Huf12.400 Huf15.400 Huf18.400 Huf
    Ayurvedic Massage--19 000 Huf-
    Maternity Massage*8.500 Huf12.000 Huf15.000 Huf18.000 Huf
    *Maternity Massage Not Available: In the first 2 and last 2 months of pregnancy, in diabetes, at high blood pressure, in case of seizures.
    Facial care packages combined with foot massage for Ladies and Gentlemen


    The materials used in the treatment (facial cleanser, mask, serum and cream) contain natural ingredients, vitamins and essential nutrients, based on the most advanced stem cell technology. Dermatologists have tested and recommended. Exclusive hypoallergenic and paraben-free formulas.

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    WELLNESS PRICELIST25 min55 min85 min110 min
    Hydrating moisturizing facial care package*-16.000 Huf--
    *(The result of this treatment is immediately visible.)
    Natural face lifting rejuvenating skin care package*-18.500 Huf--
    *(In this treatment, the formula forms a three-dimensional matrix that continues to replenish the skin after the mask has been removed and provides continuous nourishment.)
    Honey massage-13.400 Huf16.400 Huf-
    Chocolate Massage---19.000 Huf
    Body shaping and cellulite treatment-12.000 Huf 15.000 Huf-
    Body shaping and cellulite treatment With body winding-13.400 Huf16.400 Huf-


    On a mobile phone, please rotate the screen.
    PRICELIST30-40 min35-45 min55 min85 min
    Private Yoga (1 person)--9.500 Huf11.500 Huf
    Private Yoga (2 person)--7.500 Huf / person9.500 Huf /person
    Group guided meditation7.000 Huf/peson ---
    Reiki therapy-8.500 Huf--
    Reiki therapy (pass) 5 suitable-39.100 Huf--
    Reiki therapy (pass) 10 suitable-73.100 Huf--
    Prana energie healing therapy-12.500 Huf--
    Prana therapy (pass) 5 suitable52.200 Huf
    Prana therapy (pass) 10 suitable85.000 Huf